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Survey report – ICT training and learning experiences of people with disabilities

ViPi released the ViPi Stakeholder Survey – Consolidation and comparative analysis of findings, including the Research Methodology & State of the Art. Both can be downloaded in accessible pdf format.
The survey was devised in the early stages of the ViPi project in order to gain data about the ICT training and learning experiences of people with disabilities, the organisations representing them, trainers, policy makers and intermediaries. The report comprises the survey analysis findings related to ICT training, Community needs, relevant methodologies, pedagogical approaches, available training material, etc. Furthermore, it contains a comparative analysis, describing, assessing and comparing the national peculiarities and similarities of the end-user requirements in the different partner countries.

ViPi survey on ICT training needs for people with disabilities

The ViPi team would like to announce the release of the ViPi user requirement survey. The survey aims to assess:

  • the needs of the potential ViPi community;
  • the requirements for ICT training;
  • what training material is currently available;
  • which teaching approaches and methodologies are employed/most successful.

The survey is tailored to people with disabilities and organisations representing them, relatives, carers and trainers of people with disabilities, and also people dealing with the employment of and policy regarding people with disabilities.

While there are a high number of total questions, it will guide you to those parts of the survey which are relevant to you. The survey length varies dependent on your particular interest in the ViPi project, but should not take more than 15 minutes to complete. All personal questions are optional.

The outcomes of this survey will guide the focus of future ViPi project developments, and hence it is a very important part of the project. It is also your opportunity to express your opinions on ICT training for people with disabilities. Please spare the time to complete the survey, and guide ViPi in the direction that will benefit all stakeholders best.

The survey can be found here:

Many thanks in advance,
The ViPi team.