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Training sessions of the ViPi pilot phase in Cyprus

On 15 November 2013, a ViPi pilot training session was organised in Nicosia, with students from the School for the Blinds and also a teacher from the Special Education School ICTeach.

The session was focused on the use of the ViPi tools by blind users. A student with advance ICT skills accessed the ViPi tools with the help of an NVDA screen reader and assessed the accessibility. The results have been reported through the mechanism established in WP7 of the ViPi project.

The room where the training session is organised. Participants look at the screen where the trainers shows learning material

ViPi symposium agenda

Yes, I can! ICT and ICT-AT skills development for all: Final SYMPOSIUM of the ViPi & ATLEC projects

With the support of:

The Lifelong Learning Programme: education and training opportunities for all Vlaams - Europees verbindingsagentschap vzw Knowledge Centre Social Europe

Date: 4 December 2013
Venue: VLEVA (Vlaams-Europees verbindingsagentschap vzw), Kortenberglaan 71, 1000 Brussels, Belgium (Google maps) – Closest metro station: Schuman
Participants: 100-120
Duration: 9:00 hours – 18:00 hours
Event language: English
Target audience: People with disabilities, teachers, trainers, tutors, carers, policy makers, academics, ICT and AT experts and their organisations.


8:30h-9:00h: Registration and welcome

  • Welcome – Jan Buysse (General Director, vleva)
  • Opening – Karel Van Isacker (CEO, PhoenixKM) – pdf

Sessions 1 & 2

  • SESSION 1 (9.00-10.00)
    Increased independence for people with disabilities
    Chair: Jean-Marie Vanhove, Inclusief Consulting, Belgium – pdf
    9.00 – 9.20: EU Disability Policy: EC (presented by Karel Van Isacker) – pdf
    9.20 – 9.40: More independence for people with a disability – Flemish context: Helga Stevens: member of Flemish Parliament – pdf
    9.40 – 10.00: Discussion – questions
  • SESSION 2 (10.00 – 11.00)
    Need for training in the use of ICT AT: Point of view of the users
    Chair: Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf, AIAS Bologna, Italy
    10.00 – 10.20: The need for qualified training in the use of ICT/AT for people with disabilities: Wim Moeyaert (end-user expert) – pdf
    10.20 – 10.40: Witness accounts of pilot participants: Steve Boussemaere (including ViPi video) – pdf
    10.40- 11.00: Discussion and questions

Break + exhibition (11.00 – 11.30)

Session 3

  • SESSION 3: (11.30- 12.45)
    Training on ICT and ICT AT in service provision and the labour market
    Chair: Jacqui Lewis, Greenhat Interactive, UK, with short introduction to current practices ICT Skills at European level – pdf
    11.30 – 11.50: The need for training in the use of ICT/AT and experiences in vocational training: VDAB – pdf
    11.50 – 12.10: Need for training in the use of ICT/AT and experiences in the labour market: VDAB
    12.10 – 12.30: Need for training in the use of ICT AT and experiences in care: Luk Zelderloo (Secretary General EASPD) – pdf
    12.30 – 12.45: Discussion and questions

Lunch (12.45 – 13.45)

Session 4

  • SESSION 4 (13.45 – 15.30)
    The VIPI, ATLEC, SGSCC, DICE and eMentoring projects – outcomes
    Chair: Karel Van Isacker, project coordinator, PhoenixKM, Belgium
    VIPI, eMentoring and DICE: Presentation curriculum: by Prof. David Brown (NTU) and Karel Van Isacker (PhoenixKM) – pdf
    ATLEC: Presentation curriculum: by Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf (AIAS) – pdf
    SGSCC: Presentation curriculum: by Mariya Goranova (PhoenixKM) – pdf
    ViPi and ATLEC platform and mobile applications: Panagiotis Tsoris (Steficon) & Prof. Constantinos Mourlas (University of Athens) – pdf1pdf2

Break and exhibition (15.30 – 16.00)

Wrap up session (16.00 – 17.00)

  • Moderator: Jean-Marie Vanhove, Inclusief consulting, Belgium
    Topics: What did we learn from the former presentations and what can we do about it?
    Panel with representatives of ViPi, ATLEC, SGSCC, AAATE (Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf), EASPD (Luc Zelderloo), Jos Sterckx (Knowledge Center Social Europe), Wim Moeyaert (end-user expert)

Demo sessions and closure (walking dinner) (17:15-18:00)

  • Curriculums of different projects
  • ViPi and ATLEC learning objects and integrated platform
  • Training platforms
  • Mobile and desktop games
  • Mobile applications
  • Posters of other projects/experiences

Registration is still possible via

Note that participation is only confirmed after receiving a formal confirmation email from us.

This event is organised with the support of the Liaison agency Flanders-Europe (vleva) and Knowledge Center Social Europe.

The projects ViPi and ATLEC have been partially funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

ViPi pilot training sessions progressing well in Cyprus

EuroCy organised a formal ViPi pilot training session on Wednesday 31 July 2013, in cooperation with the G. E. English Center. During the session, the participants had the chance to see and play with the games (PC and mobile) and some of the training content (through the e-Learning environment) created in the framework of the ViPi project, as well as to discuss about the (accessible) adoption of games and new technology in general in the education domain.

Very useful feedback was collected by the participants on the spot, while they will continue using the produced material in the next months and send also their structured feedback using the dedicated questionnaires/forms of the project.


Participants at CY pilot training session. Picture of a room.

Next project meeting in Athens, Greece

Our next meeting will take place in Athens on 6-7-8 March 2013, with adjacent workshop at Disability Now.

More news to follow on this.

Vilnius ViPi workshop – Strengthening ICT skills of people with disabilities

The ViPi Workshop “Strengthening ICT skills of people with disabilities” took place at the Hotel Amberton in Vilnius Lithuania on Wednesday 2nd of May 2012.

The agenda was as following:

Current project work and findings:

Lithuanian situation regarding education and employability of people with disabilities (invited talks by representatives):

  • 16:30 – 16:45 The National Association of the People with mental disabilities “VILTIS”
  • 16:45 – 17:00 Lithuanian Association of the Blinds
  • 17:00 – 17:15 Association of the People with Physical disabilities “NEGALIA”
  • 17:15 – 18.00 Open (moderated) discussion among participants, to affect the present and future of the ViPi project
  • 18:00 Wrap-up and closing

We had an interview with Teresa Aidukienė, Head Specialist of Pre-School and Primary Education Division of the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science. She worked before as Head Specialist of the Special education Division.

3rd project meeting in Lithuania

The next ViPi project meeting will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania on 2-4 May 2012. It will start with a ½ day workshop in the afternoon of 2 May, while the project meeting is scheduled for 3-4 May in Druskune.

1st National ViPi Workshop – Larnaca, Cyprus

The ViPi project organises its 1st National Workshop in Larnaca, Cyprus on Monday 3 October 2011 (14:30 – 18:30) at the hotel “Henipa Crown Resorts”, Dhekelia Road, Larnaca.

Target Group
The workshop targets and is expected to attract the following profiles of people and organizations:

  • Organizations representing people with disabilities
  • Individuals with a disability
  • Relatives of, or carers of persons with disability
  • Training Centers and individual trainers of any level that are experienced or are interested in working with people with disabilities
  • Intermediaries (Employment Centres, etc.)
  • Policy makers

Objectives of the Workshop
The Workshop will comprise an opportunity for the participants to receive information on the early project’s findings and to discuss directly with the project consortium and affect the future workplan. The high-level objectives of the workshop are summarized as:

  • Presentation of project work and findings (Basic ICT Training curriculum, ViPi Survey, ViPi platform technologies and integration pathway, Current work on mobile applications, Current work on Semantic Content Management enhancements, etc.)
  • Presentation of Cyprus situation regarding education and employability of people with disabilities (invited talks by representatives of Training Centers and/or Organizations of people with disabilities)
  • Open (moderated) discussion among participants on the above subjects, to affect the present and future of the ViPi project

The official language of the workshop will be the English, however, informal translation to/from Greek will be offered wherever required and for the participants’ convenience.

The participation to the workshop is free of any charge, but preliminary registration is obligatory. In order to express your interest and register to the workshop, please, send an email or call Mr. George Milis at: +357 99587884, by Friday 23 September 2011.

Please provide following information:

  • Full Name
  • Organization (if applicable)
  • Contact details
  • Reason of interest
  • Transportation required? (please, see Transportation section)
  • Interested for lunch? (please, see Lunch section).

Considering the fact that the majority of the participants are expected to arrive from Nicosia, the project will arrange for a bus (free of charge) to transfer people from Nicosia to the workshop venue and back.

  • From Nicosia to workshop venue: 03 October 2011, 12:00 or 13:30 (please, see Lunch section).
  • From workshop venue to Nicosia: 03 October 2011, 19:00.

Please, explicitly state your interest to use the above service at registration.

Before the workshop and depending on interest expressed through registration, the project will offer lunch (free of charge) to the participants, at the workshop venue. Time: 13:00.

2nd project meeting in Larnacca, Cyprus

The ViPi project team will organise its second workshop on October 3rd in Larnaca, followed by a 2 day project meeting.

First project meeting in Athens completed

Partners participating in discussion

Partners participating in discussion

The first project meeting took place on 17-19 January 2011 in Athens, Greece, organised by Steficon and PhoenixKM. All partners participated, and a workplan has been set up for the next 8 months.

It was also agreed that the next meeting will take place in Cyprus in September 2011, hosted by the Cypriot partner Eurocy.

Project kick-off meeting

ViPi project has its kick-off meeting on 17-19 January 2011 in Athens, Greece.