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Special Needs Education Working Group workshop

ViPi will be presented at the “Special Needs Education Working Group / SENnet” workshop entitled “Serious games for inclusion” on 13 June 2013 in Brussels by our colleagues at NTU. The aims of the event are:

  • To raise awareness of the potential of serious games for learners with special needs;
  • To share successes and issues;
  • To identify future actions.

Local Training Workshop, Nicosia, Cyprus, March 2013

In the framework of the ViPi project, G.M EuroCy Innovations Ltd has organised a local training workshop in Nicosia, Cyprus, on 22 March 2013. The scope of the workshop was to present the outcomes of the ViPi project to local stakeholders and train them on how to use these outcomes in view of the ViPi pilot phase. The workshop was very interesting and helpful for all participants. The local stakeholders had the chance to see a full list of the ViPi outcomes, play with them and discuss about their potential exploitation. Participants were also informed about the local pilot procedures and they expressed their interest to participate and contribute to the success of the project. For those interested, the current status of the outcome of the ViPi project can be found at: .
The material is freely available under proper Open Source Software licenses and Creative Commons agreements. Everybody is welcome to disseminate the material. We will be glad to answer any questions and organise further training events.

Yes, I can! ICT and ICT-AT skills development for all – event

Final symposium of the ViPi and ATLEC projects.

Date: 4 December 2013
Venue: VLEVA (Vlaams-Europees verbindingsagentschap vzw), Kortenberglaan 71, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Participants: 100-120
Duration: 9:00 hours – 18:00 hours
Language: English

Two European lifelong learning projects (the VIPI and ATLEC project) will come to an end and the final Symposium will present their outcomes within a wider framework of learning, employment and independent living for people with disabilities.

The two projects are complementary as VIPI focuses on the development of skills in ICT for (young) adults with disabilities and ATLEC on skills and competences in ICT based Assistive Technologies.

The Symposium has a twofold aim: raising awareness among gatekeepers and policy makers on the need for ICT and ICT_AT training and on the other hand providing concrete curricula, methods and tools produced in the project. Highlighting needs and showing material to tackle those needs, is considered a valuable contribution to further equal opportunities and the participation of people with disabilities in learning and employment.

The symposium therefore presents academic and experience-based contributions, while interactivity, dialogue and information exchange is sought in parallel sessions and in the exhibition.

Other relevant projects and experiences are therefore invited to contribute with a poster or by sending leaflets to enrich the exhibition.

The participation of people with disabilities is incentivised by an accessible venue and by accessible presentations.

Please consult & for more information on the projects and for programme updates.

Registration is now available. Note that participation is only confirmed after receiving a formal confirmation email from us.

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(Accessible) social media training

ViPi team gave a training in Leuven on 19 February about the efficient and effective use of social media in the context of project promotion. This training session was part of the Web2LLP social media training sessions. It also focused on ensuring disseminated information and material is available for all in an accessible format.

LLL Projects Meeting in Brussels

ViPi project attended the LLL Projects Meeting in Brussels on 4-5 February, and also gave a presentation on (Accessible) social media usage in the KA3-ICT session on social media usage by projects. The presentation can be found below.


ViPi plans to attend the Com@modemdag on 25 January 2013 in Duffel, Belgium. This event brings together all stakeholders of the ViPi project, and will be an excellent place to disseminate the integrated project portal and applications.

ViPi booth at European Day of People with Disabilities Policy Event

ViPi was present at the European Day of People with Disabilities Policy Event in Brussels on 3-4 December 2012 with a dedicated booth. With over 500 attendees this event is core to reaching out to the project’s stakeholders.

Project booth at European Day of People with Disabilities Policy Event in Brussels on 3-4 December 2012

Project booth at European Day of People with Disabilities Policy Event in Brussels on 3-4 December 2012

EASPD Policy seminar 2012

We attended the EASPD policy seminar “You cared for me, I care for you: solidarity between generations and abilities” on 5 December 2012 in Brussels. This event discussed care for seniors with disabilities and looked at the conditions that allow family members of different generations to care for each other — thus making intergenerational solidarity possible.
The seminar aspired to identify the main challenges preventing intergenerational solidarity from happening and the policy conditions that need to be in place to support families in their care responsibilities. The event ensured engagement with policy makers in this discussion and phrase proposals on how to improve on the current situation and realise a society that allows people to care for each other, knowing that the right safety nets are in place.

Speakers at EASPD policy seminar

Speakers at EASPD policy seminar

ViPi @ Accessibility Policy Dialogue

ViPi will participate in the Policy Dialogue “Accessibility – From European challenge to global opportunity” on Tuesday 13 November 2012, at the Scotland House, Rond-Point Schuman 6, 1040 Brussels.

The European Policy Centre, in cooperation with Oracle and the European Disability Forum is organising this event. It will consist of two successive discussions. The first part of the Policy Dialogue will consider the differences and similarities between the EU and the US with regard to accessibility, the on-going transatlantic cooperation in this field, the importance of standardisation in providing accessible products and services for people with disabilities and the elderly, as well as the prospects for developing and harmonising standards in the EU, as well as globally.

The second part of the discussion will look at the definition of accessibility, the scope of the upcoming Accessibility Act and how it could help to meet the needs of people with disabilities and older people, as well as the technical, financial and legal instruments needed to promote greater accessibility in society.

EUCIS-LLL’s Public Hearing on ‘Basic Skills for Inclusive Growth’

We will attend EUCIS-LLL’s Public Hearing on “Basic Skills for Inclusive Growth: A civil society perspective” on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM (PST) in Brussels, Belgium.

Participants to event

Participants to event