ViPi Facebook page launched

ViPi Facebook page

ViPi just launched its Facebook page.

From now on, you can also follow our progress via your preferred networking site.

Digital Agenda Assembly Brussels

ViPi project will attend the Digital Agenda Assembly in Brussels on 16-17 June 2011. As part of public events around the Digital Agenda for Europe the European Commission is organising this event, which is expected to draw quite a large audience.

As part of that event, the European Commission are setting up a session which will take place in the morning of the 17th of June, and will address the “Digital literacy and e-Inclusion“. This workshop aims to create in-depth awareness and provide practical tools for the EU Member States to engage in structured, long term policies for digital literacy acquisition in the e-Inclusion context (Digital Agenda action 66).

Through a participative workshop in the form of a hands-on training centre, digital literacy courses of various levels (from basic to professional ICT skills), for various target groups and purposes will be available (e.g. employability, re-skilling, social inclusion).

Models of successful and relevant policies and funding mechanisms of all levels will be discussed. A set of stakeholder recommendations as to the remaining challenges to be addressed as priority will be drawn.

ViPi project presentation